When World Champion poker player, Bubba McCall, gets a call from an old friend at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, he learns that he could possibly be part of a murder investigation. The deceased turns out to be a friend of his, Sean Casey, a writer that Bubba once loaned money to so that he could move to Las Vegas. As Bubba does a little investigating of his own, he learns that Sean was working on a project—an exposé of sorts—that not only dealt with a new super casino that’s being built out in the desert, but also a fringe animal rights group that’s been wreaking havoc along The Strip. Things really start to heat up when Nikki St. James, a beautiful movie star, comes onto the scene. Bubba learns that she not only has a very dark past, but also appears to have had a close relationship with Sean. Apparently Bubba’s writer friend was a busy man, whose reportage was leading him down a very dangerous path, one that the poker player soon finds himself following as well… Sometimes humorous; sometimes heartbreaking, this is one hand you won’t want to miss—so throw some chips into the pot and join Bubba in a high stakes game of action and suspense, where if you’re not careful you just might end up being… STIFFED.